Almost Eighty-Nine

Today is my grandma's birthday. She died three weeks ago... didn't quite make it to 89 years... so should I have said today was her birthday? I dunno... I had taken her to the doctor's office that morning, we had Burger King for lunch, so she had her favorite meal which was a hamburger with pickle and onion. Then we went back to her apartment and talked for a bit. She decided she would take a nap before dinner so Jake and I left and later the assisted living home called and said she never got up for dinner and we needed to go up there. I haven't cried. I always imagined this event and would start crying at just the mere thought of her absence, but having spent the last ten months visiting her at least once or twice a week with Jake I feel that she had the perfect day before she passed and she was ready and waiting for it. We are all glad it happened in her sleep.

Well, I was going to post more, but Jake just woke up from his afternoon nap and he doesn't sound to happy.

TTYL, Adria

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