It's the LAST day of 2006!

I found the PERFECT wall clock for the living room today, it's absolutely FABulous! Actually Dave found it, we went to Target before finding the most awesome Japanese-Chinese restaurant which is right next to my apartment. The sushi is not overpriced and it was DELISH! We shared four rolls: Rainbow, Caterpillar, Spider, and the Lucky something or other, it was a special named after the restaurant.

This week I have taken 19 boxes to storage along with a few odds and ends. I still have to get some bookshelves to unload about 10-15 boxes that are cluttering up the floor right now, but at least I can see some progress.

I also had blissful quiet this week, the family upstairs was out of town until midnight last night. I heard them come home while I was falling asleep and then their little girl was running around at 9am already.

Jake is really gaining weight and growing. He is such an adorable and well mannered baby, I don't know how we got so lucky. I love him to pieces! Mike is really missing out, but I'm sure he will catch up on all the hugs, kisses, and snuggles eventually. He should be here 2 weeks from now, woohoo!

2006 is almost over, so much has happened. Jake was born, I resigned from my job, Mike received a promotion, we sold our house, I am all moved to Missouri... I am sure I am forgetting something...

Ok, it's 1am and I really have to get to sleep, sweet dreams! ~Adria

Playing catch-up!

I just uploaded pics of Jake from November, I still need to upload the pictures my dad took, he just sent them tonight.

Not much has happened in the last week, I'm still unpacking and organizing... slowly... oh so slowly... I think I am trying to avoid the rest of the boxes... if tomorrow is nice and sun-shiny again I am going to the storage unit and reorganize it to make room for the 20 or so boxes I need to take over there, right now they would not all fit.

Jake is going through a growth spurt. He is getting noticably heavier and taking longer naps. I need to call the doctors the pediatrician in AZ recommended, she was from St. Louis so she gave me the names of two doctors here to call. Jake needs his 6 month checkup and immunization shots.
Zorro has started howling like his best friend died when I leave the apartment... I need to research how to make the separation anxiety better for him. The last couple of days I've really only been over to Christy's and he is welcome there so he went with Jake and me.

Christmas was enjoyable, Jake and I spent the day with my grandma and my dad. We had a buffet lunch at her assisted living community and my dad kept Jake entertained for the afternoon.
I was planning on being in bed almost 2 hours ago, so I guess I better sign off and hit the hay.

Sweet dreams, Adria

Happy Christmas Eve

Work is progressing slowly for me as I wade through the nightmare of an Active Directory migration. On the 15th I drove up to Las Vegas to migrate our Pharmacy. One of the other people I work with flew in that afternoon and we were able to knock out the migration at that location without a lot of issues, since we had worked out the majority of the issues with the first location. We had time to hang out at the various buffets on the strip and waste a little money at the slots and video poker. We stayed at the Luxor which was great, except neither of us could VPN into work and so it forced us to include the work we would have done in the hotel in with the work we had scheduled throughout the days. It all got done.

On the 19th I drove back to Phoenix, but soon realized after about 50 miles that the highway and the route I was taking was not familiar. I had taken the highway to Los Angeles and not the one to Phoenix. It added an additional 2 hours to my drive; not to mention during this time of trying to get back on the right highway I was run off the road by an 18 wheeler who neglected to signal or look to see if there was a car in the lane he wanted to merge into, I survived and managed to find my way out Vegas and get home without further issue.

I had planned to migrate our largest location (Corporate Site) this Christmas weekend since it would give me 4 1/2 days of migration time, however, I soon realized when I got back to Phoenix two issues with my plan. One, we had not told anyone at the Corporate location that the migration was going to happen this weekend and two we just weren't prepared enough; so I am spending the weekend preparing servers and performing the preliminary steps so the weekend of the Jan 5th will be go without too much issue. We will be performing the migration of our last smaller site in Scottsdale over New Year's weekend.

That has pretty much been the sum of my days, I have been so busy with work that there has not been much time for anything else; although this week should be slower and I should be able to catch up on some other projects I wanted to finish before heading up to St. Louis.


Back and forth, back and forth... THUD!

Back and forth, back and forth... THUD! That's what the ceiling sounds like tonight with the little girl running around upstairs... grrr! I spoke to management and they said that they can't say anything to the occupants because it might imply that they are not caring for their child or something, in other words 'legal stuff', so it's up to me. I am not doing anything about it because it's the weekend. If this occurs during the week I might have to go upstairs and complain...

I heard from Dave Schuff the other night, I was in shock!!! He never calls or responds to my email uinless I am in St. Louis... anyway, nothing much has changed with him in the past 7 years that I have been in Arizona. He invited me to a New Years party, but isn't sure of Jake could go. And of course I have to be with Jake so I have one of my men to kiss at midnight!

Yesterday Jennifer called on her way to the mall to finish her Christmas shopping. We met at JCPenney and I found this awesome fuzzy robe. I tried it on and then noticed I had TONS of little lint pills all over my clothes, LOL! And they had static so when I tried to pull them off, they would jump right back on unless I moved my hand all the way out from my body. Jennifer was laughing and said I should just wear the robe through the mall, it was aweful, haha! Thank goodness the checkout counter had a lint brush! And we got a good laugh out of it too!

OMG! Yesterday afternoon when I was leaving Wal-Mart, I saw this guy in the next parking lot teaching his kid how to pee on the cement base of a light post!!! And there were stores and two fast food restaurants several hundred feet away that they could have gone in to use the restroom... ew! The little boy was about 7 or 8 and I could tell he felt it was wrong, too. It was creepy.

Last night the apartment community had a Christmas gathering with a chili cookoff. The chili was yummy and they had hot dogs, eggnog, cocoa, and s'mores, mmm! I met an older couple who just fell in love with Jake, they were so nice. One of the office staff called me today to give me their number because they would like to go out to lunch or something since they know I am alone with Jake while Mike finishes up in Phoenix, how sweet! I'm going to call them tomorrow and see if they would like to go to the the breakfast, brunch, and lunch restaurant next door. Their menu is SO good! Mike and I went there before he returned to Phoenix and I am not big on going out to eat by myself so it would be nice to have someone to go with.

I made progress on the boxes today, I can see most of the carpet now. I guess I kinda cheated though, I moved most of the boxes out to the patio so I could organize them and clean up in here a little.

I'm going to try and clean up a bit more before heading to bed, but that kid is STILL running around and it's almost 10:30!!! ~Adria

Quick update

w00t! Gas prices went down to $2.17 yesterday! That's probably due to the fact that the temp here is in the 60's, nice Christmas weather huh? But I'd rather have that then be afraid of losing control of my car on black ice :)

I am cleaning up the kitchen today while Jake takes his long afternoon nap. Although I am not sure how long that will last, apartment maintenance is using a jackhammer to remove a patio a few hundred yards outside his window... he is a champ though, he woke up momentarily when they started and put himself right back to sleep. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect baby...

Oh! And the apartment upstairs was rented by a nice couple and their ACTIVE 4 year old girl. I am learning quickly that young children RUN and JUMP to their destination, starting at about age 1 and a half to about 6 or 7 years old? Anyway, when Mike and I were first married we rented a downstairs apartment and at that time I was getting migraine headaches. There was a young child living above, she used to repeatedly jump off furniture and I could hear the bed springs and then THUMP! And when I mentioned it to the apartment manager, she gave me a wicked smile and said that the child was learning impaired and I would have to live with it. I was so furious that she would not even let the family know that their neighbors complained! Grrr! Anyway, I am sure the child above is not learning impaired and hopefully will settle down after the excitement of a new home... I've got my fingers crossed!

Ok, Jake just cried in his sleep, he sounded startled. I hope maintenance finishes what they are doing outside soon.


Random thoughts...

I went through a few more boxes today. I don't have to dodge and weave so much anymore to get through the apartment

Last night I saw the movie 'Failure to Launch' with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey, it was pretty cute, I had a few laughs.

The days before Mike arrived, Nov 29th, gas prices dropped to only $2.07... and I was driving around wearing a short sleeve shirt with my windows down it was so warm outside. Then Mike brought the freezing rain and snow with him and gas prices shot up to $2.19. The snow has all melted away and it's not so cold anymore, but last week temperatures went down again and gas went up to $2.24, which is still less expensive than gas in Arizona, but I am ready for prices to go back down to $2.07

Last week I posted a blog about White Castle burgers and chicken rings, but I have to say that Steak N' Shake is WAAAAAAAY better! They have great chili, more variety, lots of shake flavors, and oh! did I mention the great chili! I LOVE their Chili mac, mmm! And Steak N' Shake does not have the same 'end' results that White Castles does, lol!

Tomorrow I'm going to re-introduce rice cereal to Jake, I haven't had the time to do it until now with the move and everything going on. Lately he is so curious about what I am doing when I eat so I know it's overdue. Christy gave me her high chair now that her daughter Lexy sits at the table, so I cleaned it up tonight and it's ready for Jake in the morning.

I need to get to sleep, sweet dreams! Adria

Finally Blogging!

Hello, this is Mike. I finally managed to log on and blog after several attempts by Adria to instruct me on how to log in over the past month.

I have been back in Phoenix for just under a week since my historic drive across country. The first half of the trip in the 22' Penske truck was fairly easy going, but the second half of the trip was filled with bad weather, feeling like I had cabin fever and clastrpobia while in the cab of the truck. I had to stop often to rest, but I was finally able to reunite with my lovely wife and growing son.

It has been very busy past month and this month is going to be just as busy. I returned to Phoenix Sunday night and as of Friday finally got caught up with all my work so I could proceed with the Active Directory migration which is why I have not resigned from my position at Kronos to join my family in St. Louis. Next week I will be at our Las Vegas (Adria said I could have a good time while I am there *wink* *wink*, I wonder if that means having a good time shopping for jewelry for her.) location to perform the migration there and then over the course of the Christmas and New Years breaks I will be migrating the corporate office and our healthcare center in Scottsdale. If all goes well I will be back in St. Louis no later than the first week of January.

I HAVE A NEW PC!!!! Yeah.. I finally joined 2006 and upgraded my PC (and Adria's as well). We both got the following: Dual Core 2 (2.4GHz) Processors, 4 gigs of RAM, 2 nvidia SLi 512MB video cards (Adria decided to only have one video card), two 250G harddrives RAIDed together, and an awesome new case. (Christy, let me translate, LOTS AND LOTS! of power and LOTS and LOTS! of room to store pictures =] ). I got all the parts (except for the RAM, but my buddy Mike let me borrow some so I could get my system up and running) Friday afternoon and had it up and running with a game by 2am Saturday morning.. yes I know I am nerd, geek, or whatever you want to call me, but I have an awesome computer now (And Adria too... although her computer case is UUUUUUGGGLLLYY!).

Well not much else to say. I am going to sign off now. Michael


It's been almost two weeks. I signed the lease on Tuesday Nov 28th, Mike arrived the night of the 29th after about 40 hours of driving. He brought rain, freezing rain, and snow with him, brrr! Because of the weather we had a hard time finding a moving company that was able to help us unload the truck. Especially since on Thursday freezing rain and snow came down all day so it was impossible to unload due to the weather conditions. But by the end of Friday, we were weaving our way between boxes upon boxes to get from room to room. Mike was able to extend his stay here by two days at no additional charge due to the weather also, he was able to return the moving truck a day late and reschedule his flight back to Phoenix for Sunday instead of Friday.

While he has been back at work for the past week I have been unpacking and organizing and taking care of Jake. Even though Jake is sleeping through the night I still feel as if I am only getting a few hours of sleep a night. I think it's because my body is adjusting to the change in weather...

It's only 10:15pm here and I am about to fall asleep already and it's a Saturday... I'm getting old! Adria