Jake's first word!!!

DADA is Jake's first word, he actually says it in response to "Can you say daddy?" and he looks up at Mike and says "DADA"... how precious is that?! But he cries when Mommy leaves the room, chortle!

Jake's second tooth popped out five days after the first. He can sit up on his own now, but cannot pull himself up to the sitting position on his own yet. He is close to crawling, gets on all fours but doesn't know how to coordinate his body to become mobile, I'm sure he will soon though. I'm still nursing, I love it, I get one on one time with him and before naps and bed time he falls asleep in my arms. The only draw back is that he still wants to feed in the middle of the night and he doesn't like any of the solid food we have tried to feed him... momma's boy? The books say it may take up to 15 times of one food for him to actually like the flavor, yikes.

It's Jake's bathtime now, catch you later ~Adria

Sweet potatoes

Jake's SECOND tooth popped out on Saturday!!! Now he has 2 front teeth on the bottom.

Today he ate sweet potatoes, it was so funny! He tried to gag up the first mouth full but ate another 5-6 spoonfuls without much fuss except for the facial expressions. And then he clammed up and wouldn't open his mouth again, haha!

We installed a new car seat for him now that he's outgrown his first one. He must like it because he promptly falls asleep when he's in it.

I'm almost done knitting Mike's scarf. When Christy taught me how to knit in December I started the Scarf for Mike project. All I need to do is take care of the leading and ending threads and then wash it. I think I'm going to knit a scarf with a hood attached for myself, but maybe I'll knit a hat with earflaps for Jake first.

Ok, I need to prepare for a trip to the grocery store... make a list, sort coupons, etc. TTFN, Adria

Jake's first tooth!

Jake's FIRST tooth broke through today... he is growing SO fast! His last doctor appointment was 2 weeks ago and he was 21 pounds already. His car seat is rated for up to 22 pounds so we bought a new one, the Britax Roundabout, it's rated as the best by Consumer Reports.
Mike has been here three and a half weeks now, it seems like much longer and I am happy he is here. We are getting settled in and I am very content right now... even with the apartment a little messy.

Valentine's day is on Wednesday, Mike said he wanted a specific electric razor for V-day or his birthday in March so he is getting the razor and I can surprise him on his birthday with something else.

Today Jennifer is most likely having her baby, she had an amnio test to see if the lungs were developed enough to induce labor. She hasn't called to say that she had to wait for another day so I am sure she is giving birth right now. I can't wait to visit her at the hospital tomorrow and hold her newborn baby girl.

Mike just got back from Dairy Queen, something very chocolatey with pecans is calling my name, ttyl! Adria