April 2008 (17 Photos)

Superman is in da hiz-ouse! Haha! A few pics are from the Shriner's carnival, then swinging at the park, in the bath, and finally, Jake decided to change his residence.

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Today is the day!

In three hours Mike and I will find out if the baby is a boy or girl! Mike is taking an early lunch and meeting me at the doctors office to be there for the ultrasound. I'm getting butterflies in my tummy! I'll post the results for everyone later.


Indian food and Cardinals

Last night I went to the Cards game against Cincinnati with Sara. We had Indian food first at a place called Priyaa at Dorsett and McKelvey. Mmmm!!! It was SO good. I had the Tandoori prawns which were bright red and so tasty and Sara had curried chicken, hers was also very tasty.

Then we went down to the new stadium and it was SO cold. She got the tickets from her boss who couldn't use them, they were high up but you could see right down over the home plate and the field. On the way up to the seats we stopped at the Cardinals store and I bought the cutest toddler baseball hat for Jake, it says "C is for Cardinals" on it. And it barely fits his huge noggin, lol! And there was a funnel cake stand on the main floor, but I was still full from dinner... but by the 4th inning the baby was asking for more sustenance again. So Sara and I went hunting for another funnel cake stand on the top floor where we were and we found it, woohoo! All in all it was a good night but it could have been a little warmer.

Now I need to take a picture of Jake with his hat, he's already attached to it and it's really cute, he likes putting it on backwards probably because it's easier for him to get it on that way.



I made these curtains for Jake's room, but I'll be moving them

to the nursery once I sew a new set for his room.

I found the curtain rod at Big Lots for only $5 and the tie backs were only $2.50 each.

I'm a slacker

I always think about things to blog about, but when i sit in front of the computer blogging is the last thing I think of doing...

Anywho, Jake is getting so big, he can point to his nose, eyes, ears, mouth, hair, feet, hnds, and his tummy. Half the time he starts picking his nose when you ask him where it is, haha! He is good with puzzles, running, and coloring on walls, too! He understands a lot of what we say to him but his own vocabulary is still developing. He loves to hug and receive kisses, although he doesn't know how to give a kiss yet. It only takes 5-10 minutes to put him to bed for the night, but he wakes up at 6:30am which is still a little early for me, but he's worth it.

Last week we set up patio furniture that my dad gave us and it's so nice to lounge on our screened in porch. I went to the dollar store and bought several types of wind ornaments and hung them in the patio windows. We still need to mount hooks outside the patio to hang the two glass blown hummingbired feeders I bought at Eckert Farms on Easter. I'm thinking of getting a butterfly house, too, and planting a few flowers underneath to attract the hummingbirds and butterflies.

I'm also trying to figure out a theme for Jake's room... the nursery is going to be in the spare upstairs bedroom and I already know what the basic color scheme is going to be for that. I need to refinish the tall dresser I inhereted from my Nana for Jake's room so I can move the chest of drawers to the nursery. I started stripping the paint from the tall dresser this past weekend and I'm about 25% done with it. Then I need to sand it and stain it... which will probably take another month. Oh! And I am converting the bottom of it to a book shelf so I need to figure out how to do that, too.

My 20 week ultrasound is scheduled for next week, Mike and I will find out if Jake is going to have a little sister or brother, I'm really excited!

I'm going to post the next couple of blogs for the crafts, etc, that I had promised to post months ago... ttyl, Adria