Punkin Hat

Ok, here is the pumpkin hat I just finished. I promised Christy I would post a picture of it. She had made one already and it can be seen in the Halloween pictures, but somehow Jake lost it on Halloween night. I didn't want her to have to make another one, so I went ahead and figured out how to do it myself. I added a second leaf and made it one or two rows bigger, I lost count on the rows, lol. It's already stretched out a bit because Jake has been pulling it on and off his head for two days... I guess he likes it!

Not much else is going on... Mike is getting really stressed from being overworked at work... Mike's dad flew in last weekend to find an assisted living place to live here so he can be closer to Jake and he's already put a deposit down, found a moving company, and is flying one-way back here to live next Tuesday.

Mike, Jake and I are going down to my dad's house on the lake this weekend, hopefully all the fall colored leaves haven't fallen off the trees yet.

Oh! Check out this news article. I can't believe Australia has requested that their Santa's say "ha ha ha" instead of "ho ho ho" because some women might find "ho ho ho" offensive... gees, get a grip! If a woman is offended because Santa says "ho ho ho" then she has some major issues! ~Adria

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