Indian food and Cardinals

Last night I went to the Cards game against Cincinnati with Sara. We had Indian food first at a place called Priyaa at Dorsett and McKelvey. Mmmm!!! It was SO good. I had the Tandoori prawns which were bright red and so tasty and Sara had curried chicken, hers was also very tasty.

Then we went down to the new stadium and it was SO cold. She got the tickets from her boss who couldn't use them, they were high up but you could see right down over the home plate and the field. On the way up to the seats we stopped at the Cardinals store and I bought the cutest toddler baseball hat for Jake, it says "C is for Cardinals" on it. And it barely fits his huge noggin, lol! And there was a funnel cake stand on the main floor, but I was still full from dinner... but by the 4th inning the baby was asking for more sustenance again. So Sara and I went hunting for another funnel cake stand on the top floor where we were and we found it, woohoo! All in all it was a good night but it could have been a little warmer.

Now I need to take a picture of Jake with his hat, he's already attached to it and it's really cute, he likes putting it on backwards probably because it's easier for him to get it on that way.


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