So I'm waiting for pictures to print from my photo printer so I can arrive late to the scrapbook party I was invited to... lol! I figured I'd write a blog while waiting. Normally I would run upstairs and change clothes, etc, but the printer or the program I am using keeps thinking the photo paper tray is empty so I have to sit here and press the START button when that happens.

News to date... we went to my dad's house down at Lake of the Ozarks last weekend, I bought several Little Einsteins toys for Jake to keep him occupied. Each toy was greeted with delight as they were unveiled throughout the weekend. He loves the Rocket character and sometimes pats along with the show's characters to help Rocket blastoff. I'm glad he decided he didn't like Blue's Clues as much anymore, Little Einsteins is much more interesting to watch with him.

So the Saturday we were at my dad's was alternately overcast, sunny, and rainy. We did not stay outside much but I did try to set up the kiddie pool we bought and the water from the faucet was COLD! Jake stood in it and started crying to be helped out... bummer. Mike spent most of Saturday helping my dad install a garage door in his new garage addition. Sunday Mike made breakfast, mmm! And we had BLT's for lunch both Saturday and Sunday, mmm again! Sunday we just hung out and slowly started packing our stuff to head back home. Jake refused to take a nap so we left a little earlier than expected at 2pm so he would sleep in the car. Overall the weekend was ok, but not the most relaxing of weekends to date.

The company Mike works for is splitting in to three entities, most of the IT department is staying with the one he is with. Since the other two companies did not keep many IT staff he is worried that there may be too many where he is and there will be a layoff soon. He's kinda the low man on the totem pole, several of the guys he works with have been there quite a bit longer. And they just laid off about 100 people across all three companies last week, none of them in IT. We'll cross our fingers and see how it goes.

Jake has been talking more and more every day, although there are still many times where it seems he is just making up words or not speaking clearly still which I know is normal at his age. The baby still kicks a lot, but not as much as last month, as she's getting bigger her space to move is getting smaller. We have only 8 weeks left until her due date...

I've made some progress on the dresser we're going to put in Jake's room, but it's really been too hot to be out in the garage this week.

Yesterday the kitchen cabinets we ordered were delivered. So today I called our trash company to have them deliver a construction bin next Tuesday so we have someplace to dump the drywall and stuff we tear out of here during the remodel.

...this printer is really p****** me off... it finally decided to start printing pictures again instead of saying it was out of paper every minute without printing anything.

I think I'm running out of stuff to blab about... there are 50 more pictures to print and only 30 have printed so far, grrr! I guess that's it for now... ~Adria

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