Full of turkey 'n stuff...

Happy Turkey Day! Jake met his great-grandma today, she is living in an assisted living facility and has an awesome little apartment. We (my dad, Nana, Jake, and I) went down to the dining room and had a very filling turkey lunch with a couple pieces of pie for dessert. And my dad's soda decided to start frothing and foaming out of the can while it was just sitting there, it was very strange! I recorded it, I'll put it online one of these days...

My dad says the boat he gave us is not 'just' a boat of a car, but a 'pleasure' boat since it has quite a few bells and whistles, lol!

Back at Christy's house, my dad seemed to become one of Lexy's favorite play toys, they got along famously! I think she has adopted him as a surrogate grandpa :o)

We had seconds of John's turkey dinner and we are all half asleep now. My dad has left and I just browsed through some of my friends crazy MySpace profiles and I have come to the realization that I am just a square white midwestern girl... there's nothin' wrong with that is there?! ;-)


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