Perfect Apartment? And Thanksgiving plans...

I think I found the PERFECT apartment for us, I'm going to go see it Friday. But I still need to call a few other communities before making a final decision. And laundry is finished, Christy absolutely INSISTED on doing it for me, THANKS CHRISTY! And Jake has had a bath, a clean baby smells so sweet! :o)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Mmm, TURKEY! And mashed potatoes! And pies! Did I say "Mmm"? Jake gets to meet his great-grandma tomorrow, we will be having lunch with her, my dad, and aunt.

Christy and John, her hubby, will be cooking a Thanksgiving feast too, so I not only get a Turkey lunch, but a Turkey dinner, too! DOUBLE Mmm!

I'm not sure what Mike is doing tomorrow, I know he has some server upgrades or something he wants to get finished while no one is in the office. He has been invited to a Thanksgiving feast at Kimberly's and I think Mickie invited him to his family gathering also. I'll ask in the morning when Jake and I call him.

I need to get to bed, I don't want to be late tomorrow. Sweet dreams, Adria

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