Keys to the future

Ok, ok, the blog title "Keys to the future" is a little corny, but it fits... I am signing the lease on the apartment tomorrow morning and getting the keys. I already have Jake's crib in the trunk of the car, Christy is giving us hers, and an inflatable bed in the back seat, deflated of course! Jake and I are going to spend the first night in our apartment tomorrow, woohoo!

Mike is taking a nap right now and will be leaving Phoenix in a few hours. After a pitstop in Pampa, TX to visit his mother he'll arrive at the apartment in St. Charles some time late Wednesday. That's just over 1600 miles...

Everything else I am thinking of is mundane and boring, lots of little things I still need to do such as getting the storage unit, setting up cable and phone service, etc, so I am going to catch some z's myself. G'night, Adria

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