It's been almost two weeks. I signed the lease on Tuesday Nov 28th, Mike arrived the night of the 29th after about 40 hours of driving. He brought rain, freezing rain, and snow with him, brrr! Because of the weather we had a hard time finding a moving company that was able to help us unload the truck. Especially since on Thursday freezing rain and snow came down all day so it was impossible to unload due to the weather conditions. But by the end of Friday, we were weaving our way between boxes upon boxes to get from room to room. Mike was able to extend his stay here by two days at no additional charge due to the weather also, he was able to return the moving truck a day late and reschedule his flight back to Phoenix for Sunday instead of Friday.

While he has been back at work for the past week I have been unpacking and organizing and taking care of Jake. Even though Jake is sleeping through the night I still feel as if I am only getting a few hours of sleep a night. I think it's because my body is adjusting to the change in weather...

It's only 10:15pm here and I am about to fall asleep already and it's a Saturday... I'm getting old! Adria

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