We can finally speak about it!

Ok, no one at Mike's work knew about our move to St. Louis until yesterday, so now we can talk about it! Thank goodness! I booked the plane reservations for Jake and myself yesterday. We will be leaving Sunday 11/19 in the afternoon. Mike will follow with a moving van and the dogs. He will be staying one night with his mom in Pampa, TX on the way and will be leaving our dog TJ with her. Thank goodness! That is the neediest dog I have EVER met. Mike is sad about the decision, but since I will be staying at home and spending more time with the dogs, he felt it would be in the best interest of our family and TJ to find another home for him. And since TJ will be with Mike's mother, we know he will be loved and cared for.

We had our house on the market for 25 days and received 2 offers on the same day. We are almost done packing the house and I have to say that I am so tired! Taking care of Jake, cleaning the house every 15 minutes to show it to whoever stops by, and packing without making a big mess were tiring. Now the house looks like a tornado hit because we have dragged the rest of our stuff out of the closets, drawers, and shelves, etc, to pack all of it. We ran out of boxes last night, too! Oops!

I just finished cooking my grandma's potato salad recipe for the farewell BBQ we are having tomorrow and I think I finally got it perfect this time! I also make pasta salad and I was going to make green bean casserole, but I accidentally picked up the wrong green beans at the store, oops! So I'll make that later today or tomorrow.

It's noon right now, Mike just left work early so I could have the car to make my 1:30 appointment with my beautician. She is awesome! She knows how to style my curly hair better than anyone I have found so far. I'm really going to miss her, I just hope I find someone as skilled as she is in St. Louis.

After my appointment we are going to the Title office so I can sign the closing documents early and defer the final decisions to Mike. Woohoo! That's the last thing I need to do for the house (other than cleaning and packing) before flying out Sunday. So I've gotta get moving in order to be ready to go when he gets home.

TTFN, Adria

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