Today is the BBQ

Yesterday when we went to the title agency so I could sign the paperwork and Mike was able to sign early also and will not need to go back in which means he can pack up the moving truck and head on up on November 27th. So I'll need to start looking at rentals as soon as possible. Fun fun fun!

Jake slept through the entire night! 10 hours! Fabulous! Too bad we were woken up by Mike's pager... he was not able to use VPN to check on the servers, uh oh. He drove out to the co-location (1 hour each way) and figured out that someone turned on the Microsoft Updates and one of the updates was causing a problem. Thank goodness the server did not crash because he would have been there all weekend repairing it.

Today is the BBQ, I need to clean up and do laundry, ttyl!

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