It's the LAST day of 2006!

I found the PERFECT wall clock for the living room today, it's absolutely FABulous! Actually Dave found it, we went to Target before finding the most awesome Japanese-Chinese restaurant which is right next to my apartment. The sushi is not overpriced and it was DELISH! We shared four rolls: Rainbow, Caterpillar, Spider, and the Lucky something or other, it was a special named after the restaurant.

This week I have taken 19 boxes to storage along with a few odds and ends. I still have to get some bookshelves to unload about 10-15 boxes that are cluttering up the floor right now, but at least I can see some progress.

I also had blissful quiet this week, the family upstairs was out of town until midnight last night. I heard them come home while I was falling asleep and then their little girl was running around at 9am already.

Jake is really gaining weight and growing. He is such an adorable and well mannered baby, I don't know how we got so lucky. I love him to pieces! Mike is really missing out, but I'm sure he will catch up on all the hugs, kisses, and snuggles eventually. He should be here 2 weeks from now, woohoo!

2006 is almost over, so much has happened. Jake was born, I resigned from my job, Mike received a promotion, we sold our house, I am all moved to Missouri... I am sure I am forgetting something...

Ok, it's 1am and I really have to get to sleep, sweet dreams! ~Adria

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