Playing catch-up!

I just uploaded pics of Jake from November, I still need to upload the pictures my dad took, he just sent them tonight.

Not much has happened in the last week, I'm still unpacking and organizing... slowly... oh so slowly... I think I am trying to avoid the rest of the boxes... if tomorrow is nice and sun-shiny again I am going to the storage unit and reorganize it to make room for the 20 or so boxes I need to take over there, right now they would not all fit.

Jake is going through a growth spurt. He is getting noticably heavier and taking longer naps. I need to call the doctors the pediatrician in AZ recommended, she was from St. Louis so she gave me the names of two doctors here to call. Jake needs his 6 month checkup and immunization shots.
Zorro has started howling like his best friend died when I leave the apartment... I need to research how to make the separation anxiety better for him. The last couple of days I've really only been over to Christy's and he is welcome there so he went with Jake and me.

Christmas was enjoyable, Jake and I spent the day with my grandma and my dad. We had a buffet lunch at her assisted living community and my dad kept Jake entertained for the afternoon.
I was planning on being in bed almost 2 hours ago, so I guess I better sign off and hit the hay.

Sweet dreams, Adria

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