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I always think of things to put on this blog but I just never seem to think about it when I am in front of the computer or I'm too tired, lol!

Jake is 9 months old today, I've been told that I need to start planning his 1 year birthday party... I'm not sure where we will be (apartment or new home) on June 23rd, but least I can send invites to save the date.

Mike turned 30 on March 2nd. We celebrated with friends on both March 2nd and 3rd. Christy got him a mylar balloon that simply says "30" which has become one of Jake's favorite pastimes to make bounce in the air. Christy pointed out to Mike that she couldn't possibly buy the "Over the Hill" balloon cuz then she would be "dissin" the rest of us as we are all older than him, hehe.
I'm impressed with how Mike is searching for a job. He's not just searching for a JOB, but a CAREER opportunity. He has driven around the nearby areas and recorded what businesses are close to where we want to live and then visited their websites to see what positions are open. He has also attended any job fairs he hears about, which always end up being only for entry level positions, but he manages to obtain more information from the recruiters about websites to use to find a position more suited to his experience, etc.

Myself, I am still enjoying being a mommy. I'm finding it difficult to get in to a schedule with Mike here almost everyday, but we make the most of it and take Jake and Zorro (our dog) to the park when it's too nice out to stay inside. We also go out to breakfast and/or lunch at least once a week since we won't be able to once he starts working again. I am able to go and visit Jennifer and her new little girl, Gabrielle, every couple of weeks. And I have been visiting with Christy more regularly since she had minor surgery (err... augmentation) and was unable to lift the children she cares for every week.

I also get to go visit with my Nana every week. I decided to try and tackle her recipe for Heavenly Hash and it tasted rather good, but was definitely not executed quite as well as she could do. The main ingredients are chocolate, pecans and marshmellows. The first time I made it, some of the marshmellows melted so it was a gooey chocolate mess with most of the marshmellows intact. The second time I heated the chocolate too high and it started separating so it did not coat the marchmellows and pecans well. Both times it still tasted absolutely devine though, lol! Maybe the third time will be a charm.

My dad found a house in Lake of the Ozarks. He did not expect to find what he wanted so quickly. It has a detached four car garage and a boat dock so he is will be in heaven with fishing and tinkering. he still needs to sell his house in South County and is working to finish all of the remodelling projects he's started.

There's not much else happening... oh, I found a pediatrician for Jake, our family doctor's office just hired a pediatrician so whole family can go to the same place now.

Our website expired and GoDaddy wants $90 to get it back, um... they can keep it, we're not paying that much for a url. So now you can get to our pages using or
~ Adria

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