Jake's first word!!!

DADA is Jake's first word, he actually says it in response to "Can you say daddy?" and he looks up at Mike and says "DADA"... how precious is that?! But he cries when Mommy leaves the room, chortle!

Jake's second tooth popped out five days after the first. He can sit up on his own now, but cannot pull himself up to the sitting position on his own yet. He is close to crawling, gets on all fours but doesn't know how to coordinate his body to become mobile, I'm sure he will soon though. I'm still nursing, I love it, I get one on one time with him and before naps and bed time he falls asleep in my arms. The only draw back is that he still wants to feed in the middle of the night and he doesn't like any of the solid food we have tried to feed him... momma's boy? The books say it may take up to 15 times of one food for him to actually like the flavor, yikes.

It's Jake's bathtime now, catch you later ~Adria

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