Back and forth, back and forth... THUD!

Back and forth, back and forth... THUD! That's what the ceiling sounds like tonight with the little girl running around upstairs... grrr! I spoke to management and they said that they can't say anything to the occupants because it might imply that they are not caring for their child or something, in other words 'legal stuff', so it's up to me. I am not doing anything about it because it's the weekend. If this occurs during the week I might have to go upstairs and complain...

I heard from Dave Schuff the other night, I was in shock!!! He never calls or responds to my email uinless I am in St. Louis... anyway, nothing much has changed with him in the past 7 years that I have been in Arizona. He invited me to a New Years party, but isn't sure of Jake could go. And of course I have to be with Jake so I have one of my men to kiss at midnight!

Yesterday Jennifer called on her way to the mall to finish her Christmas shopping. We met at JCPenney and I found this awesome fuzzy robe. I tried it on and then noticed I had TONS of little lint pills all over my clothes, LOL! And they had static so when I tried to pull them off, they would jump right back on unless I moved my hand all the way out from my body. Jennifer was laughing and said I should just wear the robe through the mall, it was aweful, haha! Thank goodness the checkout counter had a lint brush! And we got a good laugh out of it too!

OMG! Yesterday afternoon when I was leaving Wal-Mart, I saw this guy in the next parking lot teaching his kid how to pee on the cement base of a light post!!! And there were stores and two fast food restaurants several hundred feet away that they could have gone in to use the restroom... ew! The little boy was about 7 or 8 and I could tell he felt it was wrong, too. It was creepy.

Last night the apartment community had a Christmas gathering with a chili cookoff. The chili was yummy and they had hot dogs, eggnog, cocoa, and s'mores, mmm! I met an older couple who just fell in love with Jake, they were so nice. One of the office staff called me today to give me their number because they would like to go out to lunch or something since they know I am alone with Jake while Mike finishes up in Phoenix, how sweet! I'm going to call them tomorrow and see if they would like to go to the the breakfast, brunch, and lunch restaurant next door. Their menu is SO good! Mike and I went there before he returned to Phoenix and I am not big on going out to eat by myself so it would be nice to have someone to go with.

I made progress on the boxes today, I can see most of the carpet now. I guess I kinda cheated though, I moved most of the boxes out to the patio so I could organize them and clean up in here a little.

I'm going to try and clean up a bit more before heading to bed, but that kid is STILL running around and it's almost 10:30!!! ~Adria

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