Happy Christmas Eve

Work is progressing slowly for me as I wade through the nightmare of an Active Directory migration. On the 15th I drove up to Las Vegas to migrate our Pharmacy. One of the other people I work with flew in that afternoon and we were able to knock out the migration at that location without a lot of issues, since we had worked out the majority of the issues with the first location. We had time to hang out at the various buffets on the strip and waste a little money at the slots and video poker. We stayed at the Luxor which was great, except neither of us could VPN into work and so it forced us to include the work we would have done in the hotel in with the work we had scheduled throughout the days. It all got done.

On the 19th I drove back to Phoenix, but soon realized after about 50 miles that the highway and the route I was taking was not familiar. I had taken the highway to Los Angeles and not the one to Phoenix. It added an additional 2 hours to my drive; not to mention during this time of trying to get back on the right highway I was run off the road by an 18 wheeler who neglected to signal or look to see if there was a car in the lane he wanted to merge into, I survived and managed to find my way out Vegas and get home without further issue.

I had planned to migrate our largest location (Corporate Site) this Christmas weekend since it would give me 4 1/2 days of migration time, however, I soon realized when I got back to Phoenix two issues with my plan. One, we had not told anyone at the Corporate location that the migration was going to happen this weekend and two we just weren't prepared enough; so I am spending the weekend preparing servers and performing the preliminary steps so the weekend of the Jan 5th will be go without too much issue. We will be performing the migration of our last smaller site in Scottsdale over New Year's weekend.

That has pretty much been the sum of my days, I have been so busy with work that there has not been much time for anything else; although this week should be slower and I should be able to catch up on some other projects I wanted to finish before heading up to St. Louis.


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