Finally Blogging!

Hello, this is Mike. I finally managed to log on and blog after several attempts by Adria to instruct me on how to log in over the past month.

I have been back in Phoenix for just under a week since my historic drive across country. The first half of the trip in the 22' Penske truck was fairly easy going, but the second half of the trip was filled with bad weather, feeling like I had cabin fever and clastrpobia while in the cab of the truck. I had to stop often to rest, but I was finally able to reunite with my lovely wife and growing son.

It has been very busy past month and this month is going to be just as busy. I returned to Phoenix Sunday night and as of Friday finally got caught up with all my work so I could proceed with the Active Directory migration which is why I have not resigned from my position at Kronos to join my family in St. Louis. Next week I will be at our Las Vegas (Adria said I could have a good time while I am there *wink* *wink*, I wonder if that means having a good time shopping for jewelry for her.) location to perform the migration there and then over the course of the Christmas and New Years breaks I will be migrating the corporate office and our healthcare center in Scottsdale. If all goes well I will be back in St. Louis no later than the first week of January.

I HAVE A NEW PC!!!! Yeah.. I finally joined 2006 and upgraded my PC (and Adria's as well). We both got the following: Dual Core 2 (2.4GHz) Processors, 4 gigs of RAM, 2 nvidia SLi 512MB video cards (Adria decided to only have one video card), two 250G harddrives RAIDed together, and an awesome new case. (Christy, let me translate, LOTS AND LOTS! of power and LOTS and LOTS! of room to store pictures =] ). I got all the parts (except for the RAM, but my buddy Mike let me borrow some so I could get my system up and running) Friday afternoon and had it up and running with a game by 2am Saturday morning.. yes I know I am nerd, geek, or whatever you want to call me, but I have an awesome computer now (And Adria too... although her computer case is UUUUUUGGGLLLYY!).

Well not much else to say. I am going to sign off now. Michael

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