Random thoughts...

I went through a few more boxes today. I don't have to dodge and weave so much anymore to get through the apartment

Last night I saw the movie 'Failure to Launch' with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey, it was pretty cute, I had a few laughs.

The days before Mike arrived, Nov 29th, gas prices dropped to only $2.07... and I was driving around wearing a short sleeve shirt with my windows down it was so warm outside. Then Mike brought the freezing rain and snow with him and gas prices shot up to $2.19. The snow has all melted away and it's not so cold anymore, but last week temperatures went down again and gas went up to $2.24, which is still less expensive than gas in Arizona, but I am ready for prices to go back down to $2.07

Last week I posted a blog about White Castle burgers and chicken rings, but I have to say that Steak N' Shake is WAAAAAAAY better! They have great chili, more variety, lots of shake flavors, and oh! did I mention the great chili! I LOVE their Chili mac, mmm! And Steak N' Shake does not have the same 'end' results that White Castles does, lol!

Tomorrow I'm going to re-introduce rice cereal to Jake, I haven't had the time to do it until now with the move and everything going on. Lately he is so curious about what I am doing when I eat so I know it's overdue. Christy gave me her high chair now that her daughter Lexy sits at the table, so I cleaned it up tonight and it's ready for Jake in the morning.

I need to get to sleep, sweet dreams! Adria

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