Sweet potatoes

Jake's SECOND tooth popped out on Saturday!!! Now he has 2 front teeth on the bottom.

Today he ate sweet potatoes, it was so funny! He tried to gag up the first mouth full but ate another 5-6 spoonfuls without much fuss except for the facial expressions. And then he clammed up and wouldn't open his mouth again, haha!

We installed a new car seat for him now that he's outgrown his first one. He must like it because he promptly falls asleep when he's in it.

I'm almost done knitting Mike's scarf. When Christy taught me how to knit in December I started the Scarf for Mike project. All I need to do is take care of the leading and ending threads and then wash it. I think I'm going to knit a scarf with a hood attached for myself, but maybe I'll knit a hat with earflaps for Jake first.

Ok, I need to prepare for a trip to the grocery store... make a list, sort coupons, etc. TTFN, Adria

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